GARDEN IDEAS:A Garden Patio and a Beautiful Border

This garden was a nice project to work on. The customer wanted to have a garden that they could enjoy when there was dry weather. A garden patio that the kids could play on when it was wet, or that the family could entertain on in the warm summer months. They also wanted a border with which they could add colour and fragrance to the garden. The asked for some creeps so soften the concrete walls. Drop in the Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping to purchase any materials displayed above (directions here), or call us if you would like to book a free garden design consultation on 0 1 8 3 5 4 3 8 1


This garden included a patio, a garden and a beautiful border.


When the shrubs and flowers grow in the border they will add fragrance and colour to the garden, making it a more enjoyable living space.






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