GARDEN IDEAS:A Play Area for Kids in the Winter/Entertaining in the Summer, Another Stunning Landscaping Project

This garden was behind a terrace house, and it had no access from the back. This meant everything was in the front door and out the back. The customer was delighted at the end of the process as there was no dirt, no mess, and no damage.
By creating the patio lengthways we made the garden look bigger. Also we feel the colour we painted the sheds and the fences with added an extra aspect to the garden. This is because your eye is trained to these colours and the green gives it a linear look.
Then we built walling along the side to add in some flowers and help to soften the garden by not having everything in concrete. Another reason for this was to hide some unpleasant looking features of a neighbouring garden. Also the shrubs will grow over time and soften the whole look.
The paving is sandstone which is a natural stone. We put a circle in the middle of it, and it tips both sides.
This garden took four days to construct.
The concept with this garden was a space that they could entertain all year, and in all weather and a playing space for the children. The walling can also be used as an extra seat.Drop in the Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping to purchase any materials displayed above (directions here), or call us if you would like to book a free garden design consultation on 0 1 8 3 5 4 3 8 1

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