GARDEN IDEAS:The Sun Trap Corner, a Gorgeous Garden Patio

This garden is a sun trap corner, with a lovely garden patio. We always encourage our customers to put their patio in a sun trap. Since we took this picture we have added more trellising to soften the effect of the wall. We used sleepers with the flower bed to raise it. In the flower bed we used some lovely plants such as lavender and thyme, which are all very nice scented shrubs.The raised flower bed also acts as a seat if you have some friends over for some alfresco dining. The sleepers are concreted into the ground, half a foot below the ground level which makes them very sturdy. This garden took three days to create. Drop in the Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping to purchase any materials displayed above (directions here), or call us if you would like to book a free garden design consultation on 0 1 8 3 5 4 3 8 1

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