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Garden Landscape Design

This garden landscape design is behind a stand alone house that had some land surrounding it. It gave us a large garden to work with. It is fairly close to a town but it is on its own. This would be a developed garden, with some of the trees being mature. We picked this spot for the patio because the sun hits that exact spot every morning. The owner is retired and she enjoys coming out with a cup of coffee to enjoy the view, and listen to the birds. There are a lot of birds nesting in the surrounding trees, and she has feeders for them too so they add an extra element to her garden. This space took half a day to create.
We are very lucky with the team we have; we have horticulturists, pavers, plasterers, and brick layers, we can basically do any type of design. We all have different qualities and we can just combine everything together. This means we can go into a garden and do anything the customer wants. Drop in the Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping to purchase any materials displayed above (directions here), or call us if you would like to book a free garden design consultation on 0 1 8 3 5 4 3 8 1

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