GARDEN IDEAS:A Raised Flowerbed, Patio, Garden and Contrasting Colours, Gorgeous Landscape Ideas

This garden makes lovely use of rustic stone walls, unique patio features, climbers and scented shrubs.

There was a small wall between two gardens and they didn’t have any privacy so we started off by putting up the fencing to block off the neighbours for privacy. We used a nice colourful, tall, curved fence that blocked out the neighbours garden and gave added privacy.

We added a patio behind the home so that the children could play there in all weather. We added a nice twist to the patio to give it that unique effect.

This garden also had the problem of holding the water. We drained the lawn and added features to it, so that it will never have problems with drainage again.

The wall for the raised garden is very colourful. The edging around the patio matches the wall, it’s the same colour. It’s called rustic. It has reds, blacks and yellows and it is nice and bright. The rubber behind it is red so it’s nice and vibrant.

The plants we chose for this garden were low maintenance, scented plants. Most of them are evergreen so there will always be some colour and flower.

The climbers on the fencing is another nice feature for the garden. It gives you colour high up. They will wrap themselves around the fence panels and if you keep them nice and tidy they will flower during the summer.

The garden took one week to build. There is 30 metres of walling, and it took 12 tons of top soil to go behind the wall. The patio is very large at 25 square metres. The cost was 7,000 euro.

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The colours in this garden contrast beautifully. The fence, the grass, the wall of the raised flower bed, all contrast to create a good effect.

This garden had a large patio for entertaining, a raised flower bed, and a large garden.

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